Friday, August 13, 2010

He Saved Me!

The core message of the Rebelution is very simple. Rebel against the low and unbiblical expectations of the world and do hard things for God's glory and in obedience to Him. Simple though this message may be, there are innumerable applications to our daily lives. But, there are traps Rebelutionaries need to guard against. One such trap is doing things simpy to do them. Nicole, a Rebelutionary young lady, has this to say on that issue.

"Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."
-Tim Kizziar

I read my obituary today. "That poor old slave!" the people gathered around and said, and wept. "But I was a rich young ruler!" I exclaimed. For I had been one day.

But then a poor carpenter called me by name. "Come and sell all you have, take up your cross, follow Me!" He said. I had wanted to inherit eternal life. But at this price! No. No, I turned and walked away.

And then I lost what I had. And I was taken, and put upon a cross, where I died. And then, "Come, follow Me!" He said again. And I did not walk away sorrowful that time. "What have I?" I cried. "Unworthy sinner that I am." Why would He save me, I wondered. But He saved me. He saved me.

All my accomplishments and riches and fame -- they all lie in the dust. All that I was or could ever be -- dead, dead. All things I counted as lost, I counted the cost -- "Rubish!" I called them. All, all, I must love Him above all,I bled! They laid me in the grave. And then the Resurrection came.

"That poor old slave!" the worldly people exclaimed -- to be pitied more than all men, I surely was! "But I was a rich young ruler," I whispered, "and He saved me, He saved me!" Remember me not, dear young soul, for my riches or accomplishments or fame. Like the rich young ruler of old, remember not my name. But remember Jesus. Remember Jesus. Remember that I was a rich young ruler, and He saved me.

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