Thursday, August 26, 2010

Announcing 'We Shall Speak- The Jeremiah 1:7 Project'

Greetings all!

It's always exciting to see Rebelutionaries work together to enact and pursue the second and third of the three pillars of the Rebelution: competence and collaboration (the first is charater). So, naturally, we are excited to see that in the spirit of these two principles a team of Rebelutionaries has come up with a great idea and project that Rebelutionary Musings whole heartedly endorses. The project is called "We Shall Speak," and its purpose is to "impact the world with the writing of books, essays, short stories, and poetry all in a bold, Christ-glorifying way" by assembling a team of passionate young Christians to work together towards accomplishing this common goal. It's a tremendous opportunity for aspiring and interested young Christian writers to make an impact for Christ while honing their skills with their peers.

You can find the blog and read the more about the project and how to get involved by clicking on this link.

God bless!

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