Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Dolls for Mexico - Touching Lives

We, at Rebelutionary Musings, absolutely love coming across project ideas and actions that result in both the givers and the receivers being equally as blessed. The givers are blessed simply in seeing the pure joy and excitement light up the receiver's face. And the receivers are blessed by being handed something they never knew they could have or even want. Our very own Hillary Hipps's heart was touched by seeing what a simple baby doll could do for a child while she was on a missions trip down in Mexico. And with that solitary event, she seeks to put baby dolls in the arms of as many Mexican children as she possibly can. But, she needs all the help she can get! Here's both her story and what you can do to help:

Baby dolls. Such a simple item that can be found in almost every home in the United States. When I was in Mexico, I held a little girl as she received her very own baby doll. She was the only one of the girls to get one and all the others gathered around to gently touch her new "baby." The wheels in my head started to turn as I saw the desire in the other girls eyes.

About a month later, cleaning out the "toy bin" at home, I found five baby dolls that no one wanted any more. We have lots of girls and dolls in abundance, not to mention most of us are past the age of actively playing with them. What if we reached out to our sisters all over the world with something as simple as a doll? What if we could take our unused baby dolls and send them down to the little Mexican girls as a ministry? What if we could use that which we never use to change someone's life? What if God could take out "trash" and use it to bring treasure?

I talked to the missionaries down in Mexico and they thought that the dolls would be a great blessing to the girls down there!

The project: Collecting baby dolls cleaning them up and shipping them to Tucson, AZ where they will be brought to Mexico and given to the girls.

Girls: Go through your closets and boxes! Get your friends involved! Make a day to clean and dress all the dolls for delivery. Just imagine what a blessing we could be to these little girls and what fun we could have while doing it!

Guys: Okay, so hopefully you don't have any dolls in your closet, but that does not mean you cannot be involved! Spread the word among your sisters and female friends! We will need some funding to ship all the dolls; perhaps your little sister is getting a box together; perhaps you can help her with the postage! If you don't have that option, I am sure there will be sisters with out brothers, you can sponsor a box for a sister in Christ that you may not even know!

Please feel free to email me at miakalista[at]hotmail[dot]com, if you have any questions or would like to contribute. =) You can also find us on facebook under "Baby Dolls for Mexico" ♥


  1. I love this project! Baby dolls were my favorite toy growing up, but I only have one left that's in good shape and I want to keep it. I suppose you'll take new ones as well, though? We do have a bunch of doll clothes left. Would you want clothes with no doll (assuming we'd be able to part with them ;))?

  2. Andrea,

    Yes! We would love doll clothes! New dolls, or dolls you find at thrift stores, or wherever are awesome!! My mom keeps her eyes open at garage sales for baby dolls and sends those! We will love them, regardless of if they come from your closet or a sale or store...


    ♥ Hillary

  3. I hadn't thought of thrift stores and garage sales...good idea. Now I'm getting excited!:D Do the dolls need to be sent to Arizona by a certain time, or is this an ongoing project?

  4. This is an ongoing project however the missionaries are in the states currently and if we can get some to them on this trip that would be amazing! If it does not work out though we will keep collecting them and send them down the next time they go. =)