Thursday, September 2, 2010

Justin Taylor: The Bible Is Not Basically About You

We live in a culture that can and has been aptly described as the "me" culture. Everything it seems is oriented to the indivudual and more specifically to the individual consumer. It has been taken to such a degree that many peoples whole worldview is centered squarely on themself and upon this "me" centric worldview is stood the idol of invididualism and self-centerded consumerism.

It is no easy task to combat this "me" worldview and to do so demands much of Christ Followers and the first and most basic demand placed upon Christ's disciples is to understand and exemplify a Godly focus (lifestyle) and worldview. To this end and point, Justin Taylor blogged about how "The Bible Is Not Basically About You" sharing thoughts and resources by and from Tim Keller.

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The Bible Is Not Basically about You

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  1. The athletics program that I am involved has emphasised this. If you score a point in basketball, it benefits the team. If you go to a marriage seminar, it will benefit your spouse. If make a sale, it is the business that will benefit. It never has, never should be, and never you come back to you.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Michael! It's funny you mention that because this whole issue of self-centerdness v. selflessness is very much analogous to team athletics and often I think of it in those terms. The sports culture illustrates this principle as starkly as any other perhaps. No selfish team ever overcomes an unselfish one (that is not to say that a winning team can't have a selfish indivudual or two) assuming other aspects are equal, and every team needs a core of "glue guys" that might not make the highlight reels but they make their teammates better through their hard work and unselfish play.

    The same principles largely apply to the church, the body of Christ. One body, many parts, one purpose. We have to be selfless in our pursuit of holiness and focus on the riches of God and the Gospel. If we are, the victory is ours.

    Anyway, I could go on, but I think you get the point. :-)