Thursday, September 16, 2010

Counter Cultural - God Doesn't Get "Spiritual Highs"

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Fellow Rebelutionary, Camden, has posted an excellent and thought provoking article on his blog Counter Cultural'. It's well worth reading.

God Doesn't Get "Spiritual Highs"

I had one of those memory days again. Meeting someone who was at Challenge at a college ministry fair today, I was reminded of that awesome week. While I know that this may not be applicable for all you, I pray that it will be -- think of the time where you were closest to God. The depth and nearness to God I'm talking about isn't easy to forget. Maybe it was at a youth conference, maybe it was kneeling at your bedside, but whenever that moment was, keep it in your mind.

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I was actually at the Challenge conference (a week long youth conference) four years ago when it came to Purdue University in Indiana. That week opened my twelve-year-old eyes to who God was and what He wanted to do in my life. However, while I felt connected to God in an amazing way that week, it was strange coming back to my normal church again. Suddenly everyone wasn't raising their hands in worship, and I felt weird if I raised mine. Life got back to the normal swing, and I had one of those "spiritual drops" you get often after a "spiritual high."

Coming back to the conference this year, I gave serious thought to how I could prevent myself from falling into another "spiritual low." Before mentioning my point, let me say that honestly, reading God's Word and prayer are the two best ways to maintain a fire for God. But amidst the situation, it was a single fact that really struck a chord with me. God is unchanging. As much as He was yesterday, He is today.

In other words, there's no difference between the God that I worship in a pulsating crowd of 5,000 passionate youth and the once a week church service I attend. God doesn't change, only my perception of God changes. As artist and speaker Eric Samuel Timm said, "What we call a 'spiritual high,' God calls 'normal.'" God always wants our hearts fully set on Him. It's both an invigorating and a highly challenging call. God is unchanging -- so should be our devotion to Him.


Thank you, Camden, for that encouragement! If you like Camden's post, please consider leaving him a comment (don't hesistate to comment here either!).

God bless!

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