Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Transformed Generation: Making a Difference...Now

Hello all,

Jennifer of the oft featured blog 'transformed generation' has written a great follow up posts to yesterday's ('Trading One Dramatic Resolution for 10,000 Little Ones'). The only thing I would say in the way of an introduction is to emphasize that pursuing excellence in small things as well as big things is or should be a way of life for the Rebelutionary youth. That doesn't mean we neglect the big things (missing the proverbial forest for the trees), only that we condition ourselves to not overlook the small things in the course of everyday life.

I don't want to steal from Jennifer by posting her entire post, so I'm not going to post it in its entirety. I would encourage you to check out the rest of her post here though and leave a comment if you appreciate what you read.

What I am about to say may seem a bit pointed or judgmental, so, as you read, remember that I am saying this to me as well. I'm not innocent either.

When was the last time you helped someone because you wanted to?

When was the last time you helped someone because you felt the need to do so out of the gratitude of your heart?

When was the last time you helped someone because you wanted to shine Christ in that person's life?

I have to be honest that this is not usually the case for me. I usually help someone because I was asked to help, told to help, or because I was guilt-stricken with the thought of not helping so I just gave in and helped. I probably ended up helping with a good attitude, but, more often than not, I held some deep-inside dread about the whole scenario.

I am struck so heavily by the realization that we as young people can never hope to make a huge impact on society or the Christian community or our peers if we cannot make an impact in tiny, mundane, ordinary things. If we can't even help our mothers or fathers around the house, how can we help the hungry, the sick, or the poor?

Only by learning to do the hopelessly ordinary tasks with an attitude that oozes God's love and kindness can we then move on to bigger, more widespread influences. Here's a thought: maybe home is the place that needs the most love and encouragement.

Start small. Clear the table before you're asked. Help your sibling with something before he or she begs you for the fifteenth time.

Then grow. Open the door for someone out of pure politeness. Pick up a piece of trash on the sidewalk and throw it away.

After that, just keep growing.

Many thanks to Jennifer for her exhortation!

God bless!

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