Friday, November 12, 2010

9Marks Blog: How Members Can Serve the Church On Sunday Morning

Hello all,

As Sunday approaches, the following blog post (only linked) from 9Marks offers simple and practical advice as to how we Rebelutionaries can help with and be more active in our local church bodies.

Honestly, if you are anything like me (Hannah), I often skip the preparation time before church. I either awake running late or forgot to complete some random task or the like. My mornings are rarely, if ever, organized and accomplished. Some of you may nod and go 'Yes, those are my mornings. So, do I really have to prepare for the church service?' Yes. I have personally found it vital to setting your heart straight before hearing the words of praise from the songs and the words of wisdom from the pastor. When we leave our hearts still swimming in the messiness of our households or our mornings, we are not always as fully tapped into His spirit as we should be. Sundays are blessings. For those of us who have a welcoming church body, those are blessings as well. There are many people out there that do not have what we have, that cannot have what we have.

Most of the suggestions fall into the "small things" category, but the small things in life and church are the building blocks for greater and larger things.

Thus, while this article definitely encourages us with 'small things' that will aid us in becoming more actively and intricately involved in our church bodies, there is so much more to this message. These guidelines give us steps; we must provide the heart. Church is a gift, something that could mean death for many others. Knowing that, would we not want to savor our experiences? Would we not want to prepare our hearts to enjoy it all to the fullest? Church is not routine, and it never will be. Let this article be a reminder of that, and let us have the hearts to really tap into our church bodies with overflowing zeal and joy this Sunday.

How Members Can Serve the Church on Sunday Morning

Many thanks to 9Marks for their helpful list!

God bless your weekend!

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