Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NaNoWriMo Is Here!

As the month of November approaches, we would like to promote a rather hefty yet educational challenge that occurs throughout November. It is entitled NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. All participants begin writing on November 1st and are challenged to have a 50,000 word novel, starting from the very beginning of the entire story (you can't start writing in the middle of something you already have ;)), written by November 30th. Normally, authors of the noted length novel take a lot longer than a month to draft and completely write out their first rough draft of their manuscript. However, NaNo focuses more on our ability to simply write, not attempting to be perfect in grammar and style; the goal is to WRITE!

Any Rebelutionary reading this knows just how much we push you all to do hard things for His glory. Thus, we are presenting you with this challenge as an opportunity to write a novel, whether it be perfect or imperfect, for the glory of God and to be the shining light of Christ among the novel writing community that joins together in November and put either pens to paper or fingers to keys. In 2009, 165,000 people from around the world joined in this pursuit (non-Christian and Christian alike) with more than 30,000 people either accomplishing or exceeding the expectation of 50,000 words! Those numbers are not only amazing, but they are encouraging. If they can do it, I'm sure that many other Rebelutionaries can as well.

I fully realize that 50,000 words may seem like a monumental amount. But, I implore you to not scrap this idea simply because the word count could appear unachievable. We (other Rebelutionaries) are all here to encourage you all along the way, whether that be on the NaNo forums or through personal communication. I can tell you right now, achieving 50,000 words in a month is not impossible, but rather entirely plausible!

Currently, the known Rebelutionary participates for the 2010 NaNo are myself (Hannah Marie) (Fantasy Genre), Jay Lauser (Fantasy Genre), Melody K (Fantasy Genre), Jordan Wright (Fantasy Genre), Ashley (Fantasy Genre), Nella Camille (Allegory), Kaitland C. (Unknown), Enoria (Unknown), Beatr-x (Young Adult Genre), Princesswriter (Fantasy Genre), Galadriel (Unknown), Mattskywalker (Science Fiction Genre), Mindy E (Fantasy Genre) and Katie Lynn Daniels (Science Fiction Genre). There is even a personalized thread hidden in the NaNo forums for all Rebelutionary writers. If you are a Rebelutionary writer and I failed to mention you here, please do not hesitate to drop a comment or even better yet, drop by the thread on the NaNo forums and say 'hi!'

For those of you who are interested in learning more about this enticing challenge, please view NaNoWriMo's official website for all the details and answers to questions you may have.

Word of Caution: While this is not a Christian based organization, we do encourage the over all idea and challenge it presents to people of all ages. Hence, why we decided to feature it. But, we do not necessarily promote the ideals found within the site.


  1. I will be attempting this challenge, knowing that only by the grace of God will I finish! I'm not sure which genre yet, need to work that out. I'm Kaitland C. over there. :)

  2. Yeah! I'm adding my name to the list! I believe I joined as nella.camille. I'm writing a spiritual allegory. Also, I know Mary B from the forum team is also participating :)